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Name URL Description
Fundor 333 import antigravity
Ben Congdon Software Engineer at Google Cloud
Wenyao Data visualization, algorithm optimization and occasionally, building LEGO sets
Aral Balkan Cyborg rights activist, designer, and developer Programming
Päpper's Coding Blog PyTorch
Armin Ronacher Python, Rust
Aella Porn, LSD
Maxime Heckel's Blog Frontend
Philipp Flenker Software
Oatmeal A digital pillow fort
SIGPIPE 13 Programming, automation, algorithms, macOS, and more.
Rondam Ramblings Preaching the gospel of evidence, experiment and reason since 2003.
Antonis Kalipetis DevOps, Docker
annualbeta Frontend Vercel founder
Kalzumeus Software I'm Patrick McKenzie. Your engineering team knows me as patio11.
Jared Palmer JS
George Moschovitis' Web Site Programming
The Observation Deck Docker, Engineering
Beko Pharm Programming, administration, linux, gaming, historical european martial arts, reenactment, live action role play, e-mobility, carhacking
Malevolent Cartography Linux and maps
Wesley Moore Rust
Zach Alberico Hacking and politics
Mike Crittenden Drupal, software engineering, productivity
Removing layers Side projects
cyberhoboing with dominic tarr Cryptography
Chris Vittal OSS
Freedom Be With All macOS, FreeBSD
Ampelofilosofies Programming and infrastructure
BattlePenguin Technology, philosophy, politics, poetry
Abstract Machines Languages An Assortment of Projects, PoC’s, and Ideas.
fribbledom's Journal Software engineer, with a passion for open-source projects
Erik Bernhardsson Software
Notes by elisabethirgens Coding
The Rationalist Conspiracy Politics, society, GPT-3
CJ Eller Classical guitar by training, Software by accident
Evgeny Poberezkin Haskell
Martin Vilcans (Librador) Films, games, programming
Eugene Yan Effective data science, learning, and career
Tôi là Duyệt Web, Machine Learning, Data Engineering
Bartosz Ciechanowski Cameras, iOS
Maurício Linhares' ramblings Scala
The Grumpy Troll Linux, mail servers, Golang, SSH maker
Daniel Playfair Cal's Blog Technology
Horst Gutmann Software Developer & OpenSource/FreeSoftware Enthusiast Community, technology ReasonML
zanneth Visual tech art
Unstable Ontology Social epistemology, decision theory.
Colby Fayock Javascript, UX, programming
Ralph Ammer Drawing, design, philosophy
Shesh's blog Rust and JavaScript Blog of Jake Bauer
machorne Observations of a Londoner
Sahil Lavingia Gumroad CEO
Tyler Hall Programming and Apple
Michael Stapelberg Go, Debian
James Stanley Software and 3D printing
Kirill Dubovikov Weather stations
Agenty Duck Senses, mind
Kir Shatrov Ruby
Mike Stone Open source and Linux
Christine Dodrill Rust, programming Images, software
Bryan Brattlof Books, Linux
Yoshua Wuyts Rust
Rands in Repose Tech life, management
James Fenn Android and web
A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry Social history
Ru Singh Frontend web dev
Hallau World Data science
Larsblog Technology and beer
Tristan Hume Programming
Kislay's home, blog and newsletter Books, software design
Shen's Blog Python and Django
André Staltz Software dev
Mazzarolo Matteo React
Ctrl  blog Developer-focused blog of Daniel Aleksandersen
The Part-Time Backpacker Travelling
Stan's blog Frontend
Ramblings from Jessie Servers and infra Reading, climbing, hiking, making music, contra dancing
Pete Freitag ColdFusion and programming
Hacker-Blog | Carl's blog KDE
Ankit Shah Loneliness
Constant Renewal How can we lead a good life?
Stephen Diehl Haskell
Alyssa Rosenzweig Hardware
Artur Paikin Travelling
Issa Rice This site stores biographical information about me, but it is also a personal wiki or open notebook of sorts
Nick Wilcox's Coding Blog ARM and Rust
Brendan Howell Art and engineering
Karolis Koncevičius R, macOS
The Monday Kickoff Ideas, Technology, Arts and Literature
Kostas Bariotis JavaScript
Terence Eden’s Blog Computers and books
Discursive anomalies Philosophy
Coltin's Blog Tesla and cooking
On LinuxLiaison Linux
Ben Holland Angular and frontend
Paul Glushak Design, wordpress, minimalism
Todd Davies Politics and software
Matt Richman Internet, mobile, technology
stelabouras iOS and game programming
Alexander Pluhar OpenBSD
rachelbythebay : Writing Software, technology, sysadmin war stories, and more.
Steve Blank Startups
Justin Vollmer Thoughts
Cosma's Home Page Science notebooks.
lazybear Operating Systems
Jacopo Jannone Reverse engineering
Jamie Brandon Programming
Alex Gaynor Python, C++
_c_side C++
Muse & Reason Leadership, philosophy, history, politics, business and digital. OpenBSD
Raptitude Things we can do to improve our lives today
/dev/lawyer Law, technology, and the space between
&Notepad Rust
jlelse's Blog Thoughts, stories and ideas Technology
Cultivating Curiosity Creativity
Alex Brezas Philosophy and functional programming
Hugo Elhaj-Lahsen Software & reverse engineering
TuM'Fatig OpenBSD
Pavlos's Thoughts Economics, politics
E-Scribe Python, Web development
Edwin Wenink A public memory prosthesis {philosophy, tech, ai}
Artem Krylysov C++ and Go React
icyphox's blog Python
Reinout van Rees Django, Python, Kubernetes
Marc's Blog Code
Jason Kottke Design, and everything
Shtetl-Optimized Quantum physics et al
Kay's Blog Microsoft Cloud, AV1
Jozef BOGIN, JR. Electronics
Ash Furrow Compassionate Software Developer
Jacques Mattheij Technology, Coding and Business
Robert Heaton Software engineer on security at Stripe. Topics include software development, online privacy, network security, economics, et al.
Vitalik Buterin's website Ethereum creator
Dimitris Zorbas Code spells, smells and sourcery
<jack> Postgres and Go
250bpm Sociology, Evolution, Coordination Problems, Software Concurrency
ploeh blog Software design
Andrej Karpathy blog Musings of a Computer Scientist.
matklad Rust and concurrency
雨山 Web development, game development, artificial intelligence, math, philosophy, music, and Japanese
Fred's notes Linux
Stephen Lindberg People and goals
Matt Mullenweg WordPress and the future of work
k-punk Mark Fisher
rauljordan Go programming, technology, life, cypherpunk sphere
Gilles Castel Latex and vim
Caleb Porzio Open source, PHP
<antirez> The legend behind redis
I'll keep using console.log until I die Blog of Charlie, an anticapitalist software engineer
Mark Manson Self-help, pop, lifestyle
Daniel Lemire Software performance, data engineering, Java, C++
Moserware Programming, C#
This Programming Life Software engineering
SamWhited|Blog Politics and programming
180 websites in 180 days Legend.
Stefan Schick's personal Blog Software development Programmer, Reader, Coffee enthusiast
Hidden Variables Programming
Luna McNulty's Blog Software
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programmers Software engineering
Julian Shapiro Knowledge
Stephen Brennan Software engineer who also likes to cook, bake, and mix cocktails
Yarmo's blog PhD, fediverse
Nicolas Bouliane Programming, travelling, cooking
command center Unix, UTF-8, Golang, by Rob Pike
etbe – Russell Coker Linux, politics, and other interesting things
Hillel Wayne Vim, TLA+ Computer networks
Jesse Li Software development
Antitypical Swift, Lambda Calculus
Emanuel Pina Linux and web dev
TimJRobinson Economics, startups
David Walsh Blog JavaScript, Web
Very Serious Blog Randomness
Orbifx's logarion Open source Tech, open source and networking
Blog • Scorpil Software development, architecture, cloud infrastructure and such stuff
Corey J. White Fiction author
Brendan Eich JavaScript
Sahil Parikh Software, technology, business and life
Sebastian Witowski Python Go, cryptography, security
Measure of Doubt Rationality, science, and philosophy
Lauro Silva Software development
Kostis Karantias Linux and *chains
Jan’s Blog Wordpress
rolisz's site Tech, TV shows
Drew DeVault's Blog OSS software, Linux,
Vegard Stikbakke Python
Andrew Ingram GraphQL
Will Schenk IPFS, React, Vue
Jason Calacanis Startups
Baby Steps Rust
Miguel Piedrafita Frontend and Laravel
John Millikin Unix, Go, C++, Rust
Malcolm Ocean Culture, change, and mental models
Bart Wronski Graphics, machine learning, image and signal processing
Monica Dinculescu Frontend, tensorflow
Marduc812 Security related blog, with a pinch of randomness
Patrick Collison Stripe CEO
Hristos N. Triantafillou Emacs, Linux, Python
haseeb qureshi Cryptocurrencies
DS log Programming
Michael Tsai Apple and software
Jason Lengstorf Software engineering and life style
(pixel) Game development
Asko Nõmm Frontend
Soledad Penadés Supersole
Devine Lu Linvega's wiki Digital playground and personal logging system
Nowhere Plans Cooking/baking, NLP, 60's music, and personal finance
deleted code is tested code, low-level graphics, operating system
Dave Cheney | #BlackLivesMatter Go
Sylvain Wallez Golang
Ameya's blog Rust
Blog | Daniel Eden, Designer Design, React, Frontend
Aaron Abramov Rust
kwokchain Design, blockchains, markets
Saner Than Lasagna Ethics, society
Rick Carlino Software historian, Open Source tinkerer
Sam Bleckley Software engineer, designer, and artist
Slate Star Codex Science, medicine, philosophy, politics, and futurism.
Nduli's World Linux
Francesco Di Lorenzo Programmer & Indie Hacker Golang
EKR Thoughts, stories and ideas.
Paul Buchheit Technology
Ioannis Poulakas Software / Web / iOS Developer
Daniel Gross Startups
Steve Losh Lisp, Clojure
Florian Heinemann Innovation, privacy, networks, complexity, and organization theory Programming Software
Jakob's Personal Webpage Linux, security
Personal Registry Editor Coder. blogger. gamer.
Ryan Castellucci's blog Cryptography
Nixing Linux and web development
Jason Hickel Blog Degrowth, global inequality
Arthur O’Dwyer Stuff mostly about C++
Jordan Lewis Software engineering
Hypercritical John Siracusa is a software developer, podcaster, and freelance technology writer.
Protesilaos Stavrou Philosophy, politics
Will Haering Politics and society
Kyle Piira Open source and Linux
Martin Kleppmann Software architecture
Gurjeet Singh macOS, programming
Tiny Projects Full stack developer and entrepreneur
Thanasis Polychronakis Software Engineer, CTO, Founder
musicmatzes blog Rust, NixOS
Lei Mao's Log Book Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science.
Feross Entrepreneur, programmer, open source author, and mad scientist.
Linux Rig Linux
Ellie Huxtable Rust and keyboards Programming
Daemonic Dispatches FreeBSD
Coping Mechanism Daily notes and technology
Sridhar Ratnakumar Haskell, Nix
simply. personal. Personal stuff
Sean Blanda Remote work, work life
Read the Tea Leaves Software and other dark arts, by Nolan Lawson
Henrique Dias Decentralizing the web Ruby on Rails et al Programming, music
Michael Snoyman Rust, Haskell
Brain Dump Programming Tech, travelling, DokuWiki
Cal Paterson Python
Lil'Log ML, OpenAI
Julia Evans Computer networking, infra, etc
Andrew Gallant's Blog Rust, Go
Linux Kernel Monkey Log Linux.
Jay Riverlong Technology, AI, pop
Oscar Benedito Linux
Matthias Ott UX, indie web
beepb00p Notes, ideas and thoughts
DJ Adams Software
Desmond's Home on the Web Full-stack developer
gokigen texts, systems, experiences
aswinmohanme Code, design and life
Cadence Technology
Brandon's Journal Fiction
Andrew Denty Web design
Chris Wiegman WordPress
James Finnerty | 121 Degrees Travelling, cycling
Serhat Teker Python
Paul Batchelor Sound Design, Creative Coding, and Composition
Venam's Blog // Patrick Louis Unix, philosophy, psychology
Coding Horror Programming and human factors
Tao Bojlén Application security, philosophy Book, programming
Tretinha's Lair Python and kubernetes
Andrew Healey JavaScript
Snir David JS, React, Flutter
Andri is... Computer programming
LevPaul88's Place Rust, Go
cuervo Rust
Rostiger Selected works of Clemens Scott
James Magahern Cyberpunk, pizza freak, arcade rat
Michael Lynch Software engineering
Kofi Gumbs Frontend, Elm
Lisa's Notebook Writing Exercises by Lisa McNulty.
View from ASCRAEUS Sci-fi and politics
Jordan Whited BGP, WireGuard
Lord i/o Coding text editors
Aphyr Software engineering Rust
Stephanie's Design and Technical Musings Frontend
Up and to the Right Open source and web
A day in the life of,.. Amazon, Syphony, PHP
Bhavuk Jain Computer security Software developer and active in a bunch of open source communities.
Embedded in Academia LLVM
Exponential Backoff Deno, Rails
Trivial Observations Thoughts
Robert Melton Programming
Lucio Franco Rust
Jamie Tanna Web dev
2ality JavaScript and more by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Naught Thought Philosophy
Martin Tournoij Vim and sysops
Stepan Parunashvili Lisp Computers and motorcycles
AJ Ostrow Software development
Justine Haupt Astronomy, hardware, linux
Master of Junks of Useless Information Politics, economics, Japan
Zach Holman Blog legend
Jeffrey Paul Programming, open source
Max Böck Frontend
\xc2\xa0\xc2\Bartosz Milewski's Programming Cafe Category Theory, Haskell, Concurrency, C++
Zaharenia Atzitzikaki Designer
Terence Tao Maths research
Minds aren't magic Mathematics, society
Raph Levien’s blog Audio and Rust
Kev Quirk FOSS, drawing, motorbikes, and fishkeeping.
Petros Amiridis Programming, walking, cooking
Mathias Bynens HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unicode, performance, and security get me excited
~rumpelsepp Linux, network security, free software, FreeBSD
Tom MacWright Web and politics
oddworlds soliloquy Philosophy
Brett Online privacy
Hugo Tunius Rust
Cryptologie Cryptography
Neil Alexander Matrix
John Resig JavaScript
Martin Heinz Python, Docker Computer science C, Rust
Simon Willison’s Weblog On graphql, til, machinelearning, github, tailscale.
Christos Bacharakis "Doing Open Source is part of our code"
Adactio Jeremy Keith is a web developer and author living and working in Brighton, England.
Nick Gerakines Cloud Infrastructure
Preshing on Programming Programming in C++
Emily Kager Android
distractionware Super Hexagon
Dan Aloni's blog Rust, Haskell, Linux
zwischenzugs Computing infrastructure
Daniele Maltese Python
Hartwork Blog Free Software, Music, Chinese Chess OpenAI
rachelbythebay Software, technology, sysadmin war stories, and more.
Chris Kief Ramblings on startups, NYC, advertising and hacking (mostly Python)
Alec Mocatta Intelligence and complexity
/home/ahmetb Go, Google Cloud
Daniele Varrazzo Django, Python, Postgres, Photography Erlang Quantified self, software
Chris Fallin Firefox, WebAssembly Postgres, GraphQL, Go
Miguel Rochefort Software
Irrational Exuberance! Software engineering, career
Rodrigo's Stuff Game consoles Coder, author and web developer
berfr blog Dev + infra
Guillermo Garron Blogging
Gerrit Niezen Maker of open-source software and hardware.
Remy Sharp JavaScript developer
Eisfunke Thoughts on Computer Science, Politics and Philosophy
250bpm Technology
Tracy Young Female founder
&Cr; &Lf; Typography
Deep Thoughts Programming
Paul Graham Legend
Typing Theory Programming
Yacht Mollymawk The cruising log of the good ship Mollymawk
Steve Klabnik Software development
Loris Cro's Personal Blog Zig, zig, zig
Daniel Edgecumbe Low level Linux
Raphael Python
Jae NixOS, Matrix, free software
Maria Haskins Fiction author
Anastasia Opara Procedural artist
Danny de Vries Indie Maker building digital products for the web
Kevin C. Coram Windows and Angular
Andrew Kelley Creator of Zig lang Rust
TTTThis Economics, history
Programming from the human perspective By Ibrahim Diallo JavaScript, Programming
Control.Monad.Writer Software engineering, compilers, languages
i♥cabbages Legendary reverse engineering blog Computers
Ned Batchelder Programming
The Air Pump Case-Board, Traces, & Chicanes
Het Bijstere Spoor API's, HTTP-related applications and improving development processes.
Bram Neijt Rasp, Linux
Samuel Taylor Python, science
Chris Frantz SaaS Marketing + Growth Loops
Sam's space Personal projects, learnings, thoughts, ideas
Eleni Fragkiadaki Software engineering
Aaron Parecki OAuth and IndieWeb
Git Blame Git, fun
research!rsc Golang
Jonathan Bayless Vim and hardware
Juraj Oravec Linux
Laura Kalbag Web designer
Astral Codex Ten SSC v.2
Danny van Kooten WordPress and C
Daniel Lockyer DevOps engineer & ultra runner
G A N Z E E R . T O D A Y Drawing artist
Pursuit of Laziness Go, JavaScript
Derek Sivers I’ve been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher.
Orfeas Eleftheriou Game development with Unreal Engine
Computers are evil OpenBSD and OSS
A Creative Journal Creativity, travelling, books
Quick Sip Reviews Short(ish) Reviews of Speculative Short Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction
Tomas Vik Minimalism and technology
Mike Babb Web development, open source, technology
Ryo Nakao Golang
Wesley Aptekar-Cassels Software engineering
What Thoughts May Come Philosophy
Bob Nystrom Code, interpreters, game programming
Matt Ferraro Hardware
Rahul Chowdhury Developer, Writer and GIF Lord
AndreGarzia Web development
Carlos Fenollosa — Blog Engineer, developer, entrepreneur
Seirdy's Home Git
Daring Fireball Apple
Steve Salaita Mostly political essays, but also some polemics and reflections
Nuthole iOS, politics
Nils Schulte Micropython
Sorta Insightful AI
Ramblings on Software Development Django, SQL
nerdypepper's μsings Rust, Vim
stu2b50 Technology and culture
Ian Cylkowski Photography
Martin Schneider Frontend development
Tom Looman Unreal Engine 4
James Padolsey JavaScript
The Hacker Factor Blog Computer and networks security
Hugo "Kitty" Giraudel Frontend
Jelle van der Waa Archlinux
Teknikal's_Domain Programming, networking
sara soueidan Frontend
Limero Tech
Without boats, dreams dry up Rust
Stavros' Stuff Software development et al
Guilherme Damaceno Hott &#8211; Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux! Software
Gwern Branwen Statistics, psychology, Quantified Self, philosophy, poetry, programming, anime
Jan’s Blog Open web Computer security
f5n Security and web dev
Austin Z. Henley Software engineering, academia, game development, and usability
Jamie's Notes Internet adventures
Hrvoje Šimić Web dev and photography
The Journal of Chris Wiegman Words and ramblings from a WordPress Developer
Tobi Lütke Shopify CEO
Tenderlove Making Ruby
Blog @ Programming and UI design
~/ashpex Linux, privacy and open source
Unexpected Values Math, philosophy, puzzles, politics
Blog | Brandon's Website Programming